Dragica Vujadinović


Dragica Vujadinović has been working as a Full Professor since January 2006, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, teaching Political and Legal Theories and Gender Studies at undergraduate studies, and Introduction into the EU Political System, at Master in European Integration. She had also been the Head of Master in European Integration at the Faculty of Law from the academic year 2007/8 until the academic year 2010/11, and from 2012/13 until currently.

Dragica Vujadinovic published the following books:
Budimpeštanska škola - Teorija radikalnih potreba (The Budapest School – Theory of Radical Needs), Nikšić 1988,
The textbook Političke i pravne teorije (Political and Legal Theories), Beograd 1996,
Politička filozofija Ronalda Dvorkina (The Political Philosophy of Ronald Dworkin), Beograd 2007,
Civilno društvo i političke institucije (Civil Society and Political Institutions), Beograd 2009,
Civil Society in Contemporary Context, Belgrade 2009 (in English),
Democracy and Human Rights in the EU (co-authored with M. Jovanović and R. Etinski; in English), Maribor/Belgrade 2009,
Serbia in the Maelstrom of Political Changes, Belgrade 2009 (in English), koautor sa M. Jovanovićem: M. Jovanović and D. Vujadinović (eds.),
Identiy, Political and Human Rights Culture as Prerequisities of Constitutional Democracy, Eleven International Publishing, Hague, Netherlands, 2013

She was the main editor and the writer of the introductory texts for the books:
D. Vujadinović, V. Goati, L. Veljak, Between Authoritarianism and Democracy: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia – Institutional Framework, Vol. I (in Serbian – 2002, in English – 2003),
Between Authoritarianism and Democracy: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia – Civil Society and Political Culture, Vol. II (in Serbian – 2004, in English – 2005),
Between Authoritarianism and Democracy – Serbia at the Political Crossroads, Vol. III (in Serbian – 2007, in English – 2009).


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